About Shaphron

Shaphron and husband at their weddingWho is Shaphron?

Shaphron is the name I have used while online since I was a teenager, my real name is Michelle Palmer. I’m a mother who works from home as a website developer. Also a gamer (RPGs, computer, board games) and a pagan witch. I have a wonderful husband, and my parents are really lovely and supportive (I’m a partner with my Dad in the website business).

I’m struggling with trying to get back into shape: after having left university I suddenly did a lot less exercise and it really shows. I also have to juggle looking after my lovely, pre-school children and attempting to do some work during the day. This at least gives me some conflict in my life, which stops things from being boring!

I’ve been pagan since I was a teenager, when I started looking around at other religions to see what I felt most drawn to. I’m not very good at practising my religion, however, and this is something I’m working on.

Finally, I suffer from depression. This is different for everyone who has depression, but for me it manifests as a severe apathy – it’s very hard to get anything done when I’m feeling down. No matter how hard I want to do something, I simply can’t. This is very frustrating, and leads to feeling annoyed with myself, which spirals to more depression. Additionally, I also comfort eat when I’m down. This has aided my becoming out of shape, and doesn’t help with my energy levels. I’m hoping keeping this blog will help me with both understanding some of my problems I have because of this, and with motivating me a bit more to actually get stuff done.

I have a public profile on Facebook (which I use a fair bit), Google+ (which I like, but don’t use as much) and Twitter (which I don’t use much, honestly).