For an Old Friend

The other night I had a dream about you. It was a powerful dream, and when I woke up I missed you. (Just to be clear, the dream was set on a space station. There was civil unrest going on, buildings were being sacked, while at the same time we were dealing with radiation from a nearby star going supernova. We had to make tough choices, and it wasn’t easy.)

I tried to find you, but my google-fu wasn’t up to the task. I asked another friend, but she didn’t know how to contact you either. So, I’m just left with this odd feeling of regret and nostalgia. I hope all is well with you, and that you are happy in your life. I miss being able to chat to you, although we haven’t done so in over a decade.

I know that I will probably never hear from you again, and that this part of my life has moved on. In some ways I regret this, as I remember all the good times I had back then. But at the same time I know it wasn’t all roses, and moving on is good, both for me and for you. Life is all about change, and trying to keep something the same is not only futile, but could be dangerous.

I now have a fairly good life. Yeah, I struggle from time to time. I feel like I’m fighting against depression, and in this economic climate who doesn’t have money problems? But there are many things in my life I am grateful for. My children and husband. Our friends. A chance to do something for myself. I hope you have the same feeling.

In the off chance that you do eventually read this, I want you to know that I still think about you, and I wish you well. It doesn’t matter if you ever think about me, I’m happy just sitting here, sending my good wishes out into the world.

Blessed be.

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