For an Old Friend

The other night I had a dream about you. It was a powerful dream, and when I woke up I missed you. I tried to find you, but my google-fu wasn’t up to the task. I asked another friend, but she didn’t know how to contact you either. So, I’m just left with this odd feeling of regret and nostalgia.

Who Can You Ask For Help?

So, about half an hour ago I was crying in hysterics. Hyperventilating too. And I was – still am – all alone looking after my 2 pre-school children. Who can you ask for help in this situation? Not my husband, who has to go to work. He can’t take much more time off to look […]

How to Help a Depressed Loved One

The internet is full of things to not do to a depressed person – but how do you help a depressed loved one? While browsing around online, I found this: The 10 Stupidest Things to say to a Depressed Person. I had a look over and agreed with all the points, so I shared it […]

The Beginning

Everything and everyone has to start somewhere. This is where I am starting on my journey. I’m a self-employed mother of two, I’m overweight, suffer from depression and struggle to get things done. I’ve finally become completely fed up with not doing anything in my life, so I’m starting here and will share what I do, what works and how I do.